Vektreduksjon Spesialkurs

Although helping clients to lose weight successfully should be something at which all Hypnotherapists are proficient, many Therapists do not enjoy working with weight issues as they find their results are so variable. Also, quite often basic training courses only include 1 or 2 basic scripts which clearly are not enough if a client needs to return for several sessions in order to keep working through a structured weight management programme.

This course will provide you with lots of useful tools and information you can use with clients in order to work confidently and competently with weight management issues, as well as a host of effective scripts, visualisations and metaphors that will help improve your success rate when working either one-to-one or with weight loss groups. It is ideal for recently qualified Hypnotherapists as well as for experienced Practitioners looking for extra scripts and ideas. Course Presenter Steve Burgess has enjoyed much success over the years using these techniques, with his biggest achievement helping one young woman to almost halve her body weight (from 19 to 11 stones).

Course content includes: 

A range of scripts (both Ericksonian and traditional) to create a structured weight management programme

Visualisation scripts to help reduce wheat and sugar cravings

Aversion therapy

Working with the underlying emotional root causes of weight issues

Anchoring technique to boost motivation for exercise

And much, much more!